Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saranac Rye IPA

Who would have thought that such good beer could come out of Utica, New York? I have tried a smorgasbord of brews from Saranac, and with very few exceptions I continue to be an avid follower of its brewers - the Matt family.

The Matt Brewing company has been around for over 120 years, putting it in rare company in the US. The brewery itself is located in the foothills of the beautiful Adirondack mountains, and remains a historical landmark in Utica. The brewers at Saranac are constantly putting out new beers - but not necessarily wild and crazy concoctions like many other craft brewers. These guys are known for releasing old fashioned, but tried-and-true rarities that are starting to make a comeback into the brewing scene's mainstream.

This Rye IPA is a prime example. Saranac's regular IPA is as good as any I have had, but they have mixed it up a little using an ancient recipe that included Rye malt and a mix of spicy hops. The result is a less bitter, but very appetizing take on the India Pale Ale.

This one was released as part of a winter mix pack and surprisingly fits well with the cold weather. I am most pleased with the very clean, crisp finish. I will stay on the lookout for anything coming down the road from Saranac!


  1. Matt,

    I work with the FX Matt Brewing Co (makers of Saranac) and wanted to say thanks for sharing your love or Saranac with your readers. We're really proud of the Rye IPA as well as all the beers in our 12 Beers of Winter.

    If you need any more information on any Saranac products or brews I'll be happy to help you out. Just leave a comment or send us an e-mail or leave a comment on our FB fan page and we'll get right back to you.

  2. Ryan,

    Thanks for the offer! To be honest, it is nice to know someone other than just my friends is reading this thing!

    As I said in my post, I am a HUGE fan of what you guys are doing up in NY - and you can look forward to more posts proclaiming my love one beer at a time.

    Of course, if you guys wanted to sponsor the blog or send down some of your newest brews before they hit the shelves I could certainly provide some commentary for the preliminary tastings... :0)

  3. Great post! It seems that beer is still in the "networking" business of bringing friends and together!