Sunday, March 7, 2010

Terrapin Sunray Wheat

I am fairly unfamiliar with Terrapin Brewing out of Athens, GA, so while having a pizza with a friend I figured why not try a new Hefeweizen with my sausage, spinach and artichoke heart pie.

This wheat beer was fresh from the tap and was ultra fizzy. Golden and hazy, the unfiltered beer smelled immediately of banana and cloves - I have come to expect the presence of those two. It was slightly sweeter than most hef's I have tried, mainly due to the addition of Tupelo honey during the brewing process. The citrus notes were definitely there, mainly lemon zest, and the brew finish was crisp and a bit tart at the end.

I want to try and provide some subjectivity to the beers that are listed on these pages, so I may play around a little with different rating systems until I find something I am comfortable with....Feel free to throw in ideas or thoughts as I try to crudely rank these brews on some kind of cosmic scale. This one was a good beer, but it didn't impress me in any way and nothing about it was extreme or too different. Probably a 7 out of 10 based on the ability to drink mass quantities of this during the summer months...

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  1. I also had Terrapin's Captain Krunkles (a dark IPA) at Rivermont Pizza last night. Different, yet appealing!