Monday, May 17, 2010

Foster's Lager

With probably the coolest beer commercials in the past decade, Foster's exploded into a household name in the early naught's...Then with the introduction of its 25.4 "oil can" in the US, everyone began to learn "how to speak Australian."

One of my fondest memories of this brew is laying by the lazy river at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas...the hotel had a short-lived promotion of $6 buckets of 5 beers; you could get Coronas, the domestic standards or Foster's - in the oil can. Obviously for the same price as the other 12 oz bottles, you could get more than twice the brew for the same moolah. That day began my love affair for this brew.

In one of the few times I have poured this brew into a glass, you can notice that it is a bright golden straw color. It is highly carbonated and produces a thin head of white bubbles that stay with you for the duration of the glass. It is bitter in taste, but incredibly crisp. The only downside is that you get the metallic taste of the can, but in something so big it encourages me to drink faster before it warms up. This leads to unparalleled sessions - and a perfect poolside buzz.

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