Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gordon-Biersch Marzen Amber

Marzen beer is the traditional style that has been served during Oktoberfest each year since 1868, when King Ludwig I and Maria Theresa of Spain were married and started the annual festival. This beer is historically brewed in March each year and lagered in cellars until the celebration in October.

Just like the old recipe of this beer, Gordon-Biersch's Marzen Amber is very heavy on the malt...The beer was brewed very dark and strong to survive the long months in unrefrigerated cellars. The heavy emphasis on roasted and caramelized malt gives the brew a bittersweet, nutty taste - I liken it to lightly brewed, hazelnut or amaretto flavored coffee. It is a full-bodied brew, and is quite filling. There is very little hop flavoring, so the beer is grossly slanted towards the malts. I tend to enjoy a more hoppy brew, but this beer was good, and different which I can appreciate. Definitely best for colder weather!

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