Sunday, May 23, 2010

Magic Hat IPA On Tour - Blind Faith

So, Magic Hat just put out its Summer Scene mix pack, and as part of it they have decided to present a year-long "IPA on Tour" - where they will release a new IPA each quarter.

This first addition, called Blind Faith, is a golden apricot color with a big, off-white head. The intense smell is immediately floral and grassy. The brew is very well balanced with some dark malts, which adds some sweet with the bitter. The ABV sits at a reasonable 6.2% and the brew leaves some heavy lacing on the glass with its medium-body.

It is definitely crisp, but I expect a good IPA to be a hoppy monster. With that being said, I found this beer to be good, but I certainly can't call it incredible. Hopefully the Fall's IPA on Tour will be a smash hit!

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