Sunday, May 16, 2010

Terrapin Monk's Revenge Belgian Style IPA

I have to start out by giving credit to the incredible artist that is responsible for Terrapin's "Monster Beer Tour" labels - they are awesome!

This brew might be the craziest concoction of the series...whoever thought to pair a Belgian Trippel with an American Double IPA definitely has some cahones! The hazy orange beer smells like a hoppy Belgian, similar to a Chimay or Duvel, but at first sip you can tell it is a mixture of two different beers. It has an intensely sweet flavoring from the Belgian yeast and high malt content, but then the bitterness of the hops kicks in and puts the beer into overdrive. The even higher 9.8% ABV content adds another log to the fire with a fiery warming sensation.

The separate brews can be picked out on the palate, but the blended taste of them combined leaves a unique and pleasant aftertaste that is unlike anything else. The name of the brew is fitting, as it is certainly holding my taste buds hostage!

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