Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Left Hand Good Juju

Right there with Terrapin, another brewery I have been very impressed with lately is Left Hand. Their personal history is a page right out of any craft beer drinker's fairy tale...a guy was given a home brewing kit as a Christmas present from his brother, and after roughly three years of experimenting and letting his friends taste the samples he moved to Colorado to start a brewery. A couple of Great American Beer Festival medals to get their name out, and now they are distributed in 29 states! Quite a story, and something definitely to get you thinking...

Left Hand's Good Juju, a Spring seasonal, is a beer brewed with ginger - what they call a, "refreshing frivolity". The labels for the Left Hand brews just keep getting cooler - this one sports an awesome Mexican candy skull with a cobra and a mongoose for eyes and a variance of little animals making it look like a Highlights Hidden Pictures puzzle (don't tell me you don't remember them!).

The beer is a golden color with a one-finger foamy white head. It smells of the ginger, and is VERY good! Like a cross between an American pale ale and an English bitter, the ginger is noticeable in the finish of this medium-bodied brew. The crispness is incredible, and would pair very well with spicy food. Find a witchdoctor and grab some of this brew!

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