Sunday, July 25, 2010

Henninger Premium Bier

I will never tire of old German beer...this brewery dates back to Munich in 1869!

Henninger Premium Bier is a clear gold color with a large, three-finger head of light foam. The heavily lacy brew smells completely of pale and crystal malts. At first taste, this beer reminds me of a Bitburger or Lowenbrau - it is a good beer, it just seems a bit light for what I am usually craving. Very floral in flavoring, this beer is very well balanced and is nice and smooth. Came in a big pint-plus can, and was very reasonably priced for an import - always a bonus!


  1. Best beer! Trader Joes used to carry it but no longer. Now I have to find another way to get it.

  2. total wine have it

  3. after reading such poor reviews Im glad someone is enjoying my family ancestors beer. ^_^