Sunday, July 4, 2010

KEO Lager

Of all the breweries on Earth, this may be one that I would like most to visit. The KEO group is located on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. They not only produce beer, but also wines, spirits, juices, canned food and mineral water.

KEO Lager has been produced on the island since 1951. This clear, gold lager has a two-finger head of white small bubbles. The unpasteurized brew smells weakly of both malt and hops, but the taste is very good. Smooth and malty, I can imagine drinking this beer sitting on a cliff patio at some restaurant on the Med's coast - and will one day. Although bottled and imported, this brew tasted like it was bottled the same day I sampled it. It was crisp and refreshing with notes of bitterness and heavy carbonation.

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