Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lagunitas Maximus IPA

Lagunitas amps it all up with this brew, and the catchphrases on the label says it all - "If some is good, more is better", "Instant gratification is not fast enough", and "42 IBU? Why not 72?" 'Nuff said!

Lagunitas Maximus IPA is an "Unlimited Release", 7.5% ABV, hop heavy brew. The beer is an apricot color with a humongous 4+ inch foam off-white head. Just like their regular IPA, this brew smells of citrus and floral hops - simply much more of everything! The beer is incredibly bitter, and I love every sip. There is still some malt sweetness, but this brew tastes like it was just dry-hopped directly into my glass. I LOVE the spicy finish!!!

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