Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pacifico Clara

After talking to some friends at a local Mexican restaurant, I learned that this cerveza is the laughing stock of even its own countrymen! It was actually difficult to find, and wasn't even listed on the menu of the restaurant where I finally sampled it.

Pacifico Clara is a clear, straw-colored lager that produces a thin, white fizzy head of small bubbles. The beer stinks - simply put - of cooked frozen corn mixed with grass clippings. The first taste of this beer is awful, and it doesn't get much better from there...The quality of the ingredients must be chicken or hog feed at best, the beer tastes like Drano. I really didn't intend to finish the beer at all, but because it appeared that the proprietors came up with it especially for me I didn't want to offend.

There is a bit of crispness in the beer, but the finish is so harsh I felt like I was slinging back shots of whisky - without the alcohol content. I would definitely NOT recommend this beer!

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