Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Not quite Harbin...this Chinese beer might go alright with some Hunan beef or Szechuan, just don't let it warm up on you! Drink this beer icy cold, or don't drink it at all...

Tsingtao is a non-rice centric Chinese beer that is a clear, golden yellow that produces a thin white ring of lace. The beer smells light and bit sweet, the aroma is very faint. First sip is surprisingly full, this is a medium-bodied beer despite the opaque color. This beer is clean and sweet, with some refreshing hop bitterness in the finish.

The first beer was great, very crisp and the perfect thirst quencher to a red chili-infested dish - but I unfortunately let the second round heat up a little too long and this beer turned to a toxic mouthful of overcooked vegetables. Good brew when chilled, and believe it or not China's #1 consumer product export!

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