Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bison Organic IPA

The first two brews I sampled from Bison Brewing were very good, so when I finally decided to pick this one up I was expecting a lot.

I had actually avoided grabbing this beer for a while because I was worried about the whole organic thing...I know it shouldn't be an issue, and actually should be applauded, but unfortunately most of the other organic brews I have sampled have been below par. That was all before I tasted Bison's Honey Basil, and I thought that maybe this one would be different...

Bison Organic IPA is a pale copper colored brew with a one-finger white head of tiny bubbles that fade rapidly. At 6% ABV this beer smell like wheat and dirt, and faintly of citrus - there is no hop smell whatsoever, which concerned me immediately. Then I read the bottle - They even promote themselves that the "hop aroma and bitterness are not over the top". This goes against everything I am looking for in my IPAs....

The beer consists of four different malts and three different hops, but this brew should have been considered a hefeweizen in my opinion. With only light wheat flavor making itself known, there is hardly any other taste to speak of. I was most disappointed with this brew because the others from Bison had been so good....But I am not ready to give up on them quite yet!

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