Monday, September 13, 2010

Cisco Indie Pale Ale

I picked this brew up because it is from Nantucket, Massachusetts - a fishing town - and where there are fishermen there is normally really good beer!

Its kind of funny and ironic that I read the label and the first thing that popped into my head is some "indie" Emo kid with dyed black hair and skinny jeans...Not something I really want to picture or relate to before pouring my beer!

Cisco Indie Pale Ale is an orange colored brew with a one-finger head of light foam. This beer has a fresh, floral hop and grapefruit nose, and at first taste has very pleasant bitterness with a great bready malt finish.

I really wouldn't have expected the fuller mouthfeel that this brew had coming from such a lightly colored beer. The brew was quite obviously dry-hopped, both in nose and flavor...and after a couple minutes passed there is the most brilliant aftertaste of spicy hops that continued to build on my tongue. I really enjoyed the lingering flavor!

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