Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rogue Chipotle Ale

If you follow this blog at all you have probably noticed my affinity for spicy foods...the only thing better? Spicy beer! I picked up this bomber and actually sampled the beer a while ago, but am just now getting to the review.

Rogue Chipotle Ale is a beer that is brewed with smoked jalepeno peppers. The name alone makes me want to drive to nearby Charlottesville for lunch tomorrow (they have a Chipotle restaurant)! The brew is an amber color that produces a two-finger off-white head of fizz.

This beer smells surprisingly dark and rich - almost like a smoked porter - but with some definite spice and pepper in the nose. The first taste is liquid smoke with a slow burn at the back of the throat. It is full of dark malts with some caramel and chocolate, but the defining presence here is hickory smoked flavors.

I actually really enjoyed this brew, especially with the aftertaste of spicy peppers, but I wish I had shared this large bottle. The flavors are so rich and potent that it is almost overpowering.

In comparison, the only other thing that I have had that is even remotely similar is Kiss the Devil, a wine from local Peaks of Otter Winery made from the essence of jalepenos, habeneros, ghost and 27 other spicy peppers that tastes like fire in a bottle - and I loved that too!

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  1. i would like to try both of them the beer and the wine.it looks delish.