Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boulder Mojo IPA

Only about 30 miles Northwest of Great Divide's brewery in Denver, Colorado you will find Boulder - both the city and the brewery. I have reviewed a few of their other offerings, but I have a particular fondness for this beer before I have even tasted it...

You see, Mojo has been my nickname since I was about 2 years old...The handle was given to me by my great-grandfather who played professional baseball (as a catcher) with a pitcher - also named Matt - who picked up the name based on the way his slider would drop as if he had placed a spell on the ball.

Once I saw the name of this brew I knew I MUST have it - and it certainly helps that it is an IPA!

Boulder Mojo IPA is a 7.2% ABV, pale and cloudy apricot colored brew with a two-finger white head of big, lacy bubbles. The label features a psychedelic-colored hurricane spiral in front of a multi-colored trippy background (Boulder is known for its population of Hippies!).

The beer smells pungently of piney hops with lots of grapefruit aroma. The first sip is a wallop of Amarillo hops and the higher alcohol is noticeable in the middle. More hop flavors at the end burst in with spicy and citrus notes to finish the brew. This is everything I hoped it would be to represent my namesake!

Now I just need to go out and find their Mojo Risin' - the double IPA!

SIDE NOTE:  I just realized this is my 500th post! Kinda fitting, right? Here's to the next 500...Cheers, and thanks for reading!


  1. Mojo is a good brew. I have a namesake beer, too.
    Dale's Pale Ale, another good brew from Colorado.



  2. I love Dale's!(and everything else from Oskar Blues...)

    Thanks for checking out the site!

  3. As good as Mojo is, Mojo Risin is even better. I do not have a namesake beer though

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  5. Very late to this . . .
    But, my given name is Jack. My surname ends in x.
    I have used Jax as a self-given nickname from the early 1960s in Texas. At that time, and a little later, Jax beer fron New Orleans was on the market.

    There was a Jax beer radio commercial, circa 1960, something like: 'What starts with J and ends with x?'
    My answer: my name.

    There is a big box outdoor, superstore, in Colorado [and Iowa], named: Jax. Their bright yellow, baseball, cap is one of my several.
    [i resubmitted to clean up a typo]

  6. I learned after the post above, that Jax Brewery, of my youth, was actually Jackson Brewery.

    Presumably, much like Jackson Square, Jackson Brewery took its name to honor Andrew Jackson the 7th POTUS and the hero of the 1815 Battle of New Orleans;.

    Today Jackson is controversial due to the treatment of the American Indians during his presidency; but, from H. W. Brands' 2005 biography, I learnt Andrew Jackson was a huge American hero back in the day; second only to G.Washington.