Friday, November 4, 2011

Heavy Seas The Great Pumpkin

This weekend I'm on a mission to sample a bunch of the pumpkin brews that are sitting in the beer fridge before the season passes. 

This is kind of a tall order, because I love this style so there are a ton of them to go through - but I am definitely up to the task!

This year I was able to pick up three in particular that I have missed in years previous, and I am pretty excited about these 22 oz'ers: Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin, Southern Tier Pumking, and this one...

Heavy Seas The Great Pumpkin is an 8.5% ABV beer that pours a dark amber with a one-finger creamy head of off-white lace. The label features a the standard skull-and-crossbones of their Mutiny Fleet, with a carved pumpkin head as the pirate skull.

The brew's aroma is the traditional "pumpkin pie" smell, albeit a little more aggressive than I was expecting. Lots of nutmeg and cinnamon with the telltale nose of sweet pumpkin meat. The first sip is spicy and sweet, with the essence of clove coming out a bit more than I would have liked. This is followed by a bit of bubblegum and then finishes with pumpkin spice and the warmth of a heavier ABV. Good beer, and I will try it again, but I now have my sights set on their GreatER Pumpkin!

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