Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot

Tonight as I sit here watching my Virginia Tech Hokies pave their way to a rematch with the Clemson Tigers in the ACC Championship game, I can't help but think about another big story in college football right now - and I have to throw my two cents out there...

I really don't mean to turn this blog into my own personal rantings, but I can't leave this topic untouched. There are a lot of things in the world that piss me off but leave me holding my tongue - but when I hear about someone taking advantage of the elderly or children my blood starts to boil.

As more and more comes out in the press about the Jerry Sandusky scandal (yes, please remember this is about the sick f&#% that perpetrated the crimes and not what Joe Pa did or did not do...), my immediate thoughts jump to these poor kids and how screwed up their future will be as a result of this pervert. My hope is that they can persevere through the horrible circumstances and be stronger men on the other side - but more realistically I expect the worst.

There are a lot of people being blamed for "not doing enough", and I believe they are all at fault! I can only speak for what I would do in the situation, but I am 28 right now and I can confidently say that if I were Mike McQueary and had walked into that locker room shower I would be the one going to jail.

The beer I am sampling tonight I think is fitting for the conversation...

Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot is a 7.83% ABV brew with a dark sense of humor. The brewery originally made this beer in 2009 as a "Correction Ale" as a nod to the poor economy. It was then to be released as a "Recovery Ale" in 2010, but without much improvement that was scrapped. Finally, it exists now as WTF, a "malty, robust, jobless recovery ale."

The beer pours a hazy, brownish-copper color with a two-finger tan head. It smells of grassy hops and toffee, and at first sip there is much more to this beer than meets the eye. Great balance between the hops and a deep, malty character is built up with flavors of honey, raisins and warm alcohol. This is a really great beer, and a nice big bottle I need to finish!

I'm gonna need it...they just announced another potential child sex scandal with a basketball coach at Syracuse. WTF!


  1. So where does the Wilco reference come in? Someone at the brewery must be a fan...?

  2. The beer's name is an acronym for WTF - What the F*#%...I was alluding to the fact that this was precisely my reaction to these current scandals.