Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dick Celebrates Craft Beer #1,000! - Ommegang Adoration

Earlier this week I mentioned that my friend Dick and I had gotten together last weekend to celebrate his 1,000th craft beer. 

The lazy @$$hole just now got around to getting me his review of that beer, so instead of a pat on the back, he gets an, "it's about damn time!".

Haha, just kidding buddy - take it away...

Bear with me as I reminisce about my humble beginnings of drinking craft beer (don’t worry, there is a point)…

Once upon a time Matt, Tom, and Dick worked together in the small “Firm” in Virginia. They decided, one uneventful evening, to get together, play Texas Hold ‘Em, and watch “Anchorman”, to drown their sorrows after an awful work week (this is how the best stories always start).

They were all fairly new to the craft beer scene, so they began this specific night with mixed drinks (nothing with umbrellas) and eventually moved to Miller Lite (not craft) and Red Stripe (not really craft, but a move in the right direction). 

This night would begin a lasting friendship forged with good times, good memories, and mediocre suds! 

Within a few weeks Dick began to hear Matt talk about a local craft beer store in town named Vine’s (now out of business). Matt invited Dick to join him for a beer run to Vine’s. Dick was still unsure about his true passion for beer (please understand that Dick is a little slow).  

That first six-pack was exciting, but fairly uninspiring. 

Sometime later Dick had Matt decided to try a local hole-in-the-wall, Rivermont Pizza, after playing a round of golf. They arrived later in the afternoon to find that the restaurant closes early to clean up for the evening crowd.  After deciding to take a stroll to another small deli, Magnolia Foods, Dick proclaims (in a very high-pitched girly voice), “When is our small town going to get a real beer store?” Both Dick and Matt looked to their left and noticed a bright, white sign (I swear it had a glowing hue around it) for “Ned’s Beer and Wine”. The timing of this gem was impeccable! It was sitting there like a centennial hop among thorns! After spending a nearly a week’s gross pay, Dick walked into the sunset with his first, real passion for craft brew! 

Fast-forward 994 beers later to last weekend. It was time to select Dick’s 1,000th beer!  The stage was set and it was time to choose. The anticipation had built to a level rivaling that of a 12-year-old awaiting the release of Modern Warfare 3! In order to celebrate this momentous occasion, Dick wanted to select a beer that culminated a milestone in a single word, “Adoration”. Adoration?!?!? Well, adoration means, “the act of paying honor, as to a divine being, worship; reverent homage; fervent and devoted love” ( Dick could not have said it better himself!

Ommegang Adoration is a 10% ABV Belgian Strong Ale (a lot different than Dick’s humble beginnings of Miller Lite and Red Stripe), that is listed on the label as a “Special Winter Ale”. Dick has aged this beer for over a year, since its release from mid-October through December 2010.  The bottle proclaims that this is best served in front of a roaring fire (see picture).  

This brew poured a dark hazy red with a 2-3 finger light brown head. Adoration was brewed with Grains of Paradise (see Sam Adams’ Summer Ale), mace, clove, dark fruit (definitely raisins and fig), and orange zest. This was a very fruity, yet spicy beer that I would have to say probably aged well!  This brew had a full-body, lingered for days, and ended with a dry finish. This brew encapsulated the past 999 brews before it. It reminded me of all four seasons, lots of spices that I had tried before, fruit, and alcohol (all which make a wonderful beer)! This beer also shows the progression that I have made with my palate and launches Dick to 1,000 more!

And remember, “Love acknowledges others’ flaws. Adoration accepts them.”


Dick gives this beer 4.2 kegs out of 5 for taste, but 5 kegs for remembrance!

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