Saturday, December 3, 2011

Founders Backwoods Bastard

It's Satuday, and I am being a bum spending my day on the couch alternating between watching soccer and the college football conference championships...

Chelsea looks like they are finally getting back to form, hammering Newcastle 3-0 and looking like the score should have been double that.

LSU looks like they are storming back against Georgia after a rough start - although I would really like to see them lose! Hopefully the Hokies can pull out the W tonight and make it 4 ACC titles in 5 years,

In the midst of my laziness I am getting ready to sample a brew that I have searched a couple of years for, and finally located.

Founders Backwoods Bastard is a 10.2% ABV, 50 IBU behemoth of a beer, aged in oak bourbon barrels. This brew smells like it was distilled rather than brewed!

The beer pours a dark copper color with a thin, off-white head of lace. The first sip is sweet fruit and toffee - it almost has a subtle taste of caramel apples! This is definitely a sipping beer...warm alcohol is noticeable all the while, but this brew is SMOOTH! You can taste the charred oak and the bourbon just adds to the awesome complexity of flavors.

This is one fantastic beer!

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  1. I purchased a six pack of crafts tonight, and this one is in the group. I have not tasted it. (having a weyerbacher winter ale now) Weyerbacher also makes a quasi twin to this beer (as my beer somlier stated tonight) to Weyerbacher Insanity which is a "distilled" crazy abv beer. If you have not given this Easton PA brewer a try, you should. They make some great brews. I am a fan of their Blithering Idiot also, which is actually Insanity after it goes in the oak barrel. Cheers.