Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! & Anchor Our Special Ale 2011

I hope everyone out there is having an awesome Christmas, and getting everything you asked Santa for!

One of the things I asked for (not really, but it has been on my beer wishlist since 2006!) and finally got was this beer! I have searched high-and-low for this one over the years, and I swear every time I call around they either just sold the last bottle, their "promised" case never came in or something went wrong in the distribution from San Francisco...Kind of ironic that when I finally locate it, this bottle cost me less than $2!

So let's see what I have been missing out on for so long...

Anchor Our Special Ale 2011 is the 37th release of their famous Christmas ale put out from November-January each year. The recipe is different every year, and this batch pours to a mahogany/ruby with dark browns and a three-finger head of beige lace and rocky foam.

The beer is made for the, "joy and celebration of the newness of life", and bears a tree on the front of the label which, "symbolizes the winter solstice when the Earth, with its seasons, appears born anew." Ummm...ok. Whatever.

The brew smells spicy and sweet of maple syrup, and the first sip is filled with cinnamon, nutmeg and chocolate malt. It was definitely worth the wait for this one, as the roasted barley comes forward and then toasted oats are present on your tongue. This is a very intriguing beer with those spices coming in and out of play and brown sugar and the maple adding some earthiness to the constant sweetness. A great, medium-bodied mouthfeel rounds out this fantastic beverage!

Everything said and done, this is just a stupid beer blog - remember the true Reason for the Season!

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