Thursday, February 16, 2012

Green Flash Barleywine

After the trifecta of Heavy Seas barleywines last month, I have been on a search for more of these heavy-handed brews...They seem to just mesh perfectly with the end of Winter and transition into Spring and warmer weather.

Although I am much more fond of this type of beer than I used to be, I still feel like something was missing from the last few that I sampled. I enjoy the sweet fruity and toffee flavors that define the style, and the dry, wine-like finish from the heavy alcohol, but barleywines typically lack the balance of bitterness from a significant hop presence.

Enter Green Flash Barleywine! A 10.9% ABV ale that pours a light brown/dark copper color with a huge, three-finger head of off-white lace and large bubbles. This beer smells pleasantly of spicy, piney hops and buttery sweetness.

Hailing from San Diego, you know the brewers are going to up-the-ante on the amount of hops from the Pacific Northwest included in this beer. This is a barleywine with an IBU rating of 85 people!

A four-hour boil brings out TONS of flavor from the malts and pure citrus and spice from all those hops. The first sip is velvety and balanced - there is NO WAY to tell that this brew is almost 11%! This 22 oz. beer is gonna knock me on my butt...

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