Monday, February 27, 2012

Sixpoint Resin

Today my wife and I had to make the somewhat short trip up to Charlottesville, so while we were in town we decided to stop for lunch at one of my favorite little restaurants for lunch.

Another pizza place, Mellow Mushroom is a chain restaurant, but I doubt any of the others around the country are as cool as this one! It sits right on a corner on UVA's campus, across from the medical center. I have yet to be disappointed in their food or service in several visits, they have a huge beer list on tap and in bottles (47 to be exact), and a beer club with perks like an engraved mug and discounts on brews!

This was an extra-cool visit to MM for me, because I found a beer that I had been on the lookout for AND it was on tap.

Sixpoint Resin is a 9.1% ABV, 103 IBU beer that can, according to the brewery, "loosely be described as a double IPA." The beer is an amber color with a one-finger head of off-white foam, and it smells bready and, of course, quite hoppy!

At fist sip the brew is very spicy. My tastebuds perk up instantly, and thick mouthfeel allows you to really chew on the beer to get as much of that thick, sticky and sweet hop taste as possible. The beer is wonderful, and from this point forth I will refer to this beer's full flavor as "Hop Syrup!"

The best part is, I should be able to get this all the time because Resin will be Sixpoint's most recent year-round release in a can!

Another cool side note: This was officially craft beer #1111 

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