Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stone/The Bruery/Elysian Collaboration - La Citrueille Celeste de Citracado

Time to get back on track with some decent suds...and this who's-who get together of brewers should certainly do the trick!

The three-way collaboration brews I have sampled in the past where Stone Brewing was a participant have all been INCREDIBLE (Stone/Dogfish Head/Victory Saison du BUFF trilogy and Stone/Pizza Port/Green Flash Highway 78 Scotch Ale), and I expect nothing less from this crazily-named beer!

As a bit of a brief back story, the name of this beer translates as, "The Heavenly Pumpkin of Citracado." Yeah, you got that right...another pumpkin beer released this late in the season/early in the year?! Well, little known to me, Elysian Brewing in Seattle is somewhat famous for their use of pumpkin or gourds of sorts in their beers. Pair that with the out-of-bounds thinking of The Bruery and Stone and their use of unique ingredients

It seems they pulled out all the stops with the shopping list for this brew: pumpkin, yams, toasted fenugreek, lemon verbena and birch bark. I don't even know what half of that stuff is!

Stone/The Bruery/Elysian Brewing Collaboration - La CitrueilleCeleste de Citracado is a 5% ABV, chocolate-brown ale that turns to mahogany with light through it. The beer pours to a one-finger head of tan, rocky lace, and smells of birch and molasses. The brew's label states, "Drink Fresh, Do Not Age", and I am somewhat happy to read that the big story on the back of the bottle written by Dick Bantwell from Elysian is dated Sept. 2011 (I know that is still 5 months, but it takes a while for stuff from SoCal to make it to VA!).

The first sip is a mixture of sweet milk chocolate, a loaded sweet potato (yams, butter and spices), and is slightly herbal - but nothing like Saison du BUFF! The ingredients are all subtle, but complex, with a definite strong finish of brown sugar. I wish I was sampling this beer with a large, juicy steak - I have to think it would pair incredibly well! A bit different for the season, but I enjoyed it!

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