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This site is devoted to my personal reflections of the 1,000+ craft beers that I have sampled over the years. During the years of Prohibition, brewers were forced to come up with varying ingredients and techniques to produce beer, attributing to the complete overhaul of the brewing industry when the law was repealed. This, paired with decades (if not eras) of brewing culture that has been inherited from immigrants, leads to some pretty amazing brews out there - so why drink only large-scale, watered-down pilsners? My goal with this site is to get the word out that there are other options!

I am looking for other like-minded individuals, companies and breweries to underwrite my expenses to keep up the site (mainly beer funds!) as well as provide in-kind donations (memorabilia, apparel and/or breweriana) for sale or giveaways, and of course beer to review!

In addition, advertisement space is available in a banner or sidebar format on the main page of Stay Thirsty My Friend, in a variety of sizes and placements. Or, perhaps you would prefer me to write a post or review of your offerings to be archived on the site - I am completely flexible!

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